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EM HAWAII TOURS is set up as a tour operation and not a full-service travel agency.  As a result, we do not sell airline tickets.  Our primary mission is to provide group tours and to provide the very best customer service. Customer service is a never-ending learning experience and it is only through our travel are we are able to make improvements for our future tours and client relationships.  Our experience acquired on each tour is a valuable tool because our tours are not rubber-stamped tours.  We are very fortunate to have this ability to improve our travel skills.


Roy & Ellen Matsumoto



Roy & Ellen Matsumoto with "grandpuppies" Kevin & Lola. Photo by Kenneth's Photography 2016



Roy and I are forever grateful to Herbert and Blanche Fukata, owners of a long-time kamaaina travel agency, HAWAII TRAVEL BUREAU (HTB).  Through Herbert and Blanche’s support, we learned the ropes in the travel industry as “sales representatives” and sold airline tickets to our relatives and friends.  Through the encouragement of Herbert Fukata, we finally agreed to assist with HTB’s organized group tours then finally as escorts on the Eastern & Maritime Canada tour for a number of years.  Because of our full-time employment, we finally gained confidence in our new role as tour escorts and finally offered a second tour to Western Canada.  



Hawaii Travel Bureau closed their enterprising business, and as a result, we partnered with another couple and began offering organized group tours as HAWAII TRAVEL TOURS in the year 2000. In 2005 we once again reorganized ourselves and began our newest business venture as EM HAWAII TOURS. Because we were unable to come up with a unique business name, on the spur of the moment, we decided to use Ellen’s initials as part of our new business venture.



Majority of our travelers are senior citizens but we have enjoyed many occasions when non-senior travelers have joined our tours.   Our hearts are full of gratitude and appreciation to our loyal clients.  Some of our repeat clients travel with us once a year and on some occasions as many as two-three and four tours a year.  We are here not only to support our loyal clients but to welcome first-time travelers as well.  Please enjoy what our website has to offer and we hope to talk to you soon! We are always here to discuss our tours and to learn what we are all about.  Our generation of senior citizens, as well as both of us, are gaining in age.  Our focus is to travel now when we do not have mobility or other major health issues and to be here for our clients so we are able to enjoy the camaraderie and visit the roads less traveled.

The Matsumoto Ohana - First row (l-r) Jonah Sumajit, Ellen & Roy Matsumoto and Josh Sumajit.  Second row (l-r) Chris, Lucas, Linda and Lily Matsumoto, Lori & Joey Sumajit.  Photo by Kenneth's Photography 2016

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