2016 Tour Packages


Here’s a new twist to our tour to the province located at the most easterly point of Canada.  Enjoy a short ferry ride from the west coast of Newfoundland to the corner of Quebec in Blanc Salon.  This is a 90-minute ferry ride.  Be on the lookout for seabirds, whales and seals during this 90-minute crossing.  Our border crossing into Labrador is in L’anse Au Clair, Gateway to Labrador.  We will travel to the historic town of Red Bay and an overnight in Labrador before returning to Newfoundland.   


Besides the province of Newfoundland/Labrator, we will travel through the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia/Cape Breton Island.  We will take the ferry from North Sydney to Newfoundland and arrive in Port Aux Basques with overnights in Corner Brook, Rocky Harbor and Plum Point with visits to the towns on the Northern Peninsula.


In Newfoundland, we will continue on the Trans-Canada Highway and spend two nights in Clarenville with a day trip to Bonavista.  Our final night in Newfoundland is in the capital city of St. John’s.  We will visit the town of Elliston that once proclaimed to be the Root Cellar Capital of the World but today Elliston is known as an area to view the Atlantic Puffins up close.  From May-September there are hundreds of nesting Atlantic Puffins as well as other types of seabirds.  We will take the ferry from Argentia with an overnight on the ship to return to North Sydney.  Be on the lookout for whales. This eastern seaboard is a breeding area for many species of whales.

Newfoundland & Labrador Adventure


We have a special overnight before the Big Game.  Game day is September 3 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Game will be held at the largest college football stadium with capacity for 100,000 people but they have been known to accommodate as many as 111,000 football fans.

Member Comments:

"Thank you for all of your hard work and planning on the tour. I have never travelled with a person who put so much into her tour to make it enjoyable and “new" to her travelers. (Oh, you could have arranged a different ending to the football game….just kidding). We enjoyed being  with you and your family and getting to know new people along the way. That’s the kind of work so few travel planners put into their tours and we appreciate all of your work in that area. It shows that you enjoy traveling and seeing new things and would like to share these things with your clientele. Rest assured that we would like to travel with you in the future. Keep us informed of  your future tours."​

Jack & Karen

JAPAN TOHOKU TOUR, 10/10-22/16

We will board the Shinkansen from Tokyo and begin our Autumn Tour to the Tohoku region.  The autumn colors will be best enjoyed on a Mogami River boat ride.  Okama Crater, Mogami River Cruise, Sakata Port Market, Maiko Tea House, Kakunodate, Morioka, Genbikei Gorge, apple picking, Matsushima, Sendai, Aomori, Akita, and Tokyo.  This tour includes the services of an English-speaking guide and our comfortable chartered motor coach.  This tour is being revised to include the best opportunities for visits to the Tohoku region.

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